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Our factory was awarded Anhui Province labor security integrity demonstration unit

Submission Department: Author: Reviewer: 2019-11-10 211

Recently, Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. Anqing Axle Factory has been identified as a labor and social security demonstration unit in Anhui Province in 2019 after the review of Anqing Economic and Technological Development Zone and Anqing Municipal Human Resources and social security departments, comprehensive evaluation and social publicity by the Department of human resources and social security of Anhui Province. Of the 214 enterprises that have participated in the annual review of the economic development zone, only four have won this award.

Labor security integrity is an integral part of enterprise credit, which helps to improve the credit image and competitiveness of enterprises. All along, Anqing axle works strictly abides by labor security laws and regulations, standardizes and improves labor employment management. The signing rate of employee labor contract is 100%, and all kinds of social insurance are paid on time and in full for employees according to law. In order to protect the rights and interests of employees, the plant also timely communicated and negotiated to sign collective contract, special collective contract for wages and special collective for protection of female employees' rights and interests At the same time, the general secretary of the internship should conscientiously implement the development thought of "taking the people as the center", constantly optimize and improve the salary management and welfare system, effectively improve the happiness and satisfaction of employees, establish a long-term safety mechanism, and implement the safety production responsibility system at all levels, Provide complete labor protection conditions for employees.

The award of this honor is a kind of affirmation to the work of the axle works, and also a spur to the future work. Anqing axle works will continue to make efforts to truly "care for employees and love enterprises for employees".