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Anqing Axle Factory organized to watch "I and my motherland"

Submission Department: Author: Reviewer: 2019-10-14 196

Seventy years of hard work, 70 years of brilliant achievements. In order to vigorously carry forward the great national spirit with patriotism as the core, encourage the staff of the factory to keep their original heart and mission in mind, make contributions based on their own posts, and transform the spirit of patriotic struggle into practical actions, according to the plan of the mass theme publicity and education activities of "I and my motherland", on October 10, Anqing Axle Factory The Party committee organized all Party members and League members to watch the patriotic film "I and my motherland" by taking advantage of the opportunity of Party member activity day.

Focusing on the reflection of "small people" on the "big era", the film reviews the important historical classic moments of the motherland in the 70 years since the founding of new China through seven units of the night before yesterday, meeting, winning the championship, returning, hello to Beijing, shooting stars in the daytime, and escorting. It tells a moving story of the close relationship between ordinary people and the country which seems to be far away. The exciting and passionate scenes and the exciting and exciting historical moments make all members of the party and League feel deeply the pulse of the motherland and arouse their strong resonance.

Hu Shanglong, the first successful assembly worker, said: "my favorite movie is about the atomic bomb in China.". These scientists do earth shaking things, but they are unknown. As a member of the axle works, we should learn from their selfless dedication to our family, carry forward their spirit of hard work, and make greater contributions to the development of axle based on their work posts. " Cao Bo, an operator in Riga, a processing area, said: "I am deeply touched by the seven stories, but the story that Chairman Mao raised the first national flag of new China in" the night before yesterday "tells us that details determine quality and details determine success or failure. As a production-oriented enterprise, product quality is the life of an enterprise, which requires us to pay attention to details in our daily work, and constantly enhance the awareness of high-quality products and market, so as to make the enterprise go further. " Fang Xiang, a welder from the structural operation area, said affectionately: "the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball team has a strong cohesive force, which conveys not only the spirit of struggle, but also the belief of winning. In our work, we should transform learning the spirit of women's volleyball team into practical action, do our job well based on our posts, and contribute to the new development of beautiful axle. "

Before watching the film, all the members of the party and League sang "my motherland and I" in a loud voice, and expressed their love for the great motherland and their good wishes with sincere songs to the motherland's 70th birthday.