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Hold a cultural performance to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

Submission Department: Author: Reviewer: 2019-09-26 197

In the golden autumn season, the wind of Anhui river blows the fragrance of rice flowers on both sides of the river. On September 25, the "magnificent 70 years of concerted efforts for the future", sponsored by the Party committee of Anqing axle factory and undertaken by the factory trade union and the Youth League Committee, was held on the third floor of the comprehensive building to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. With deep attachment to the motherland and deep gratitude to the party, all cheqiao people gathered together to celebrate the new era and celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland.

Before the performance, Hu Quanzhu, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the factory, delivered a speech on behalf of the leading group of the factory. He pointed out that in recent years, Anqing vehicle bridge factory has resolutely implemented the spirit of the central economic work conference and the National Party building work conference of state-owned enterprises. With the joint efforts of all staff, the main business indicators have made steady progress and achieved a new leap forward in the new era. At the same time, the company also said that it still has to overcome many "Loushanguan" and "Lazikou" on the road of high-quality development, and hopes that all staff will continue to work hard for the realization of the vision of "world's top five and one hundred years of joint efforts" with more high morale and more positive attitude!

The first part is a singing competition with the theme of "singing the motherland together". The first part is a singing contest with the theme of "singing the motherland together". The four division of labor chorus "I and my motherland" respectively. The chorus members are all in a good mood, with tacit understanding and even voice. When you sing, come to me. Every chorus team has a hidden "killer's mace". Some chant slogans, some walk in line, some hold the national flag in hand, and some stick the national flag on their faces. After fierce competition, the technical processing division committee and the production Yueshan division of Labor Committee won the first and second prizes respectively.

"I don't know who was the original designer. Our flag is a bright red color, like a round of gushing out of the sun, breaking through the darkness and radiating with passion. But I know that the flag is stained with the blood of the martyrs." The next literature and art performance with the theme of "running together for the future" was opened in the poem reading "the bright red party flag will never fade". Subsequently, the participants appeared on the stage in turn, showing their "unique skills". "The red story" and "the story of the red generation", which expressed the sincere respect for the founding of the Red Daisy. The chorus "today is your birthday" expresses the Chinese people's deep love and blessing to the motherland's mother. Huangmei Opera "beautiful scenery of the river and mountain" extols the excellent traditional cultural values of being honest and clean, serving the public with self-respect, punishing the evil and promoting the good, etc., which deeply enlightens and shakes the audience deeply. The dance "I love you China", the songs "Hello motherland", "toast song" and "my Chinese heart" eulogized the Great China which is changing with each passing day, and expressed the most ardent, sincere and noble feelings of Che Qiao people towards the motherland's mother. In 2019, the sketch "overnight wine" performed by college students newly entering the factory is humorous and entertaining. It profoundly interprets the harm of drunk driving and gives a vivid traffic safety education lesson to all the audience.

"The five-star red flag flutters in the wind, how loud the victory song is; singing about our dear motherland, moving towards prosperity again..." In the singing of "singing the motherland" by the leaders of the factory and all the participants, the artistic performance came to an end. The whole evening lasted for two hours, presenting a wonderful cultural audio-visual feast for the staff.

70 years of hard work, 70 years of hard work, 70 years of spring and autumn fruit. We will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in China's new era. We should not forget our minds, keep our mission in mind, and continue to write a new chapter in the development of beautiful bridges.

During the performance, the first prize works of Anqing axle factory's "magnificent 70 years of dream pursuing new era" micro video competition were also displayed.