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Anqing axle factory organized to watch the warning record of typical cases of discipline violation

Submission Department: Author: Reviewer: 2019-08-30 183

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed the importance of education and guidance to Party members and cadres in maintaining a pragmatic and honest political character for the people, consciously fighting against the phenomenon of privileged ideology and privileges, resolutely preventing and opposing corruption, clean and honest officials, clean work and honest conduct. In order to earnestly implement the general secretary's requirements and effectively promote the theme education of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission", on August 29, Anqing axle factory organized middle and high-level leaders of the factory to watch the warning educational film "typical cases of serious disciplinary violations by Party members and leading cadres of state-owned enterprises".

The film takes the typical cases of Party members and leading cadres of state-owned enterprises such as the former Guangxi railway investment group, the former Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group, Liugang group, and Guangxi forestry group investigated and dealt with by Guangxi discipline inspection and supervision organs. Through the personal statements of the offenders, it reveals that the leading cadres of state-owned enterprises have lost their ideals and beliefs, weak awareness of law and discipline, expanded awareness of rights and luck This paper makes a deep analysis from the characteristics of the case, the causes and the warning significance. It is of great significance for Party members and cadres to feel the party discipline and national law from a "zero distance".

Through watching the warning education film, all the middle and senior leaders of our factory deeply feel the harmfulness of corruption and the importance of honest and clean administration. They have said that they will take typical cases as a reference, consciously abide by the party constitution and party rules, strengthen the awareness of clean government and law, build a strong defense line against corruption and change, and make new contributions to the development of enterprises.