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Anqing axle factory actively organizes and participates in voluntary tree planting activities

Submission Department: Author: Reviewer: 2019-03-13 140

In early spring, Yicheng is green with all things reviving. In order to respond positively to the notice of organizing the 2019 annual voluntary tree planting in Anqing Economic Development Zone, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC, is going to implement the concept of "beautiful scenery and green hills and clear hills", Anqing Axle Factory. On March 11, the Party committee organized a total of 23 party members and League members from all branches of the factory to participate in the voluntary tree planting activities uniformly arranged by the economic development zone, so as to promote the process of building a national green model city in Anqing.

At the site of tree planting, everyone was enthusiastic. Everyone worked in groups of two or three, with clear division of labor. Some dug holes with spades, some raised seedlings and trees, and some cultivated soil and watered We all work together to plant the saplings on the moist land, spreading green hopes in the spring breeze. On the original loess covered land, rows of newly planted trees stand upright in the wind, adding a thick green spring color. Seeing the small saplings planted by themselves, everyone was overjoyed. They all said that this tree planting activity not only beautifies the environment, but also exercises the body, reaps the pleasure of labor, and strengthens the sense of teamwork. It is very meaningful. I hope that there will be more opportunities to participate in it in the future, and contribute to the construction of Anqing more green and beautiful with practical actions One's own strength.

This tree planting activity is anqing axle factory The vivid embodiment of fulfilling social responsibility with practical actions not only effectively mobilizes the labor enthusiasm of Party and League members, but also enhances the team cohesion and centripetal force. At the same time, it further advocates the green civilization concept of planting, protecting and loving green, which is of great significance to guide the staff to establish a good fashion of actively participating in the construction of ecological civilization and consciously taking care of the natural environment.